Area Code 401

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Area code: 401
State: Rhode Island
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2019

This person is responding to a rent add and asking for accepting a check in advance!! Big red flag!

17, Feb. 2019

Just called me an said i hit his car an busted his headlight an fender and wanted money....lucky i cant trace it back cause id smack him

14, Feb. 2019

I have caller filter stops calls unknown from coming through. I have no clue who this is. But tried 3x today

TS Rachel
13, Feb. 2019

Another “straight” c**k sucker man in the closet calling transgender escorts off This is my third visit in town and he called me again asking thesame stupid questions and offering me 40 bucks to blow me and bend him over. This guy Tranny chaser hopefully your friends and family read this

9, Feb. 2019

Persistent little bastards... I now answer calls from this number by waiting to hear them connect, then belching as loudly and forcefully as I can.

8, Feb. 2019

Never leave a message so no idea who it is or what they are calling about

6, Feb. 2019

recording message saying hi, this is Connor calling on a recorded line in response to your interest in a job on our job board...

5, Feb. 2019

Calls daily, first six numbers are the same, however, calls also come in from last four digits: 7764; 7766; 7730, etc. etc. This is HARASSMENT. Why are these callers allowed to contact individuals who are on a so called: "Do Not Call List", this is very annoying especially when you are at work all day, and your cell phone is ringing with these people on the other end having sympathy for my "DRY SKIN AND PAIN" I don't have either of these issues. Something needs to be done!

2, Feb. 2019

This is happening to me right now. I gave him a bunch of information because it sounded like a perfect deal for us. I am always skeptical when the English language is not being used professionally. The second email sounded ridiculous. Now after re-reading the first email, I am ashamed to admit I was conned into a deal to good to be true.

19, Jan. 2019

Pretty sure Paul is a robot

15, Jan. 2019

“package from purpose sneeze group has been shipped”

12, Jan. 2019

If you ever donated blood in RI you will forever get calls from them. I feel bad blocking them because I know the need is great, but they literally call every month from a new number.

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