Area Code 385

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Area code: 385
State: Utah
Country: USA
2, Jul. 2020

I am well and truly fed up with their phone calls, which continue after asking them to stop.

2, Jul. 2020

Leaves fax tones on my answer machine when you pick up it just sounds the fax tones.

2, Jun. 2020

This number has been trying to fax something continuously to my cellphone, which obviously can't receive it.

2, Jun. 2020

It was a recording on being able to reduce my car insurance rates.

14, May. 2020

I have been receiving several calls from this number and similar number. I can hear typing but no one ever answers. Then they hang up!! I'm working from home so I have to answer but it's really starting to piss me off!!

8, May. 2020

I made the mistake and accidentally answered ONE TIME, they now call EVERY DAY EVERY HOUR NONSTOP!! The man asked for me by name, Stupid me I said "yes, who is calling"? he said he would get a supervisor on the line. Again I said "who is this"? He said they don't give out that information unless they are asked. He finally answered "Discover". Which I told him was highly unlikely and very sketchy. I then hung up.

2, May. 2020

I want nothing more for Christmas than for these asshole scum bags to stop calling us!

2, May. 2020

Multiple calls daily.

29, Apr. 2020

I recently inquired about a puppy that was for sale, visted a site and entered credit card info. I was redirected to alternate payments and then I stopped, figured out it was a scam. Since then my credit card was charged multiple times (small amounts) and I have been receiving calls from this phone number. The name the scammer used was Kendee Flores

23, Apr. 2020

Bullshit call

18, Apr. 2020

he is a son of a bitch

11, Apr. 2020

Got a random call from this facility. Don’t even know who it would be.

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