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17, May. 2019

People like this have no right to be in business.

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25, Jul. 2018

Salt Lake County- Human Resources

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31, Jan. 2018

Called my cell phone 3 time today I did not answer and no message

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1, Aug. 2014

It's the salt lake valley health department.

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19, Apr. 2012

REPORT *all* of these calls to the FTC/FCC. They're phishing scams to get your personal information and rob you blind!! The number (385) 468-4668 called me on my cellphone, which is on the Do Not Call Registry. When I tried to call the number back (from a land line), I got a "phone number can't be completed as dialed" message. This means that it's a PHONY number, and an obvious violation of federal law. NEVER ANSWER THESE CALLS. Once they know a "person" is on the end of the line, you'll go into heavy scam rotation. IMMEDIATELY REPORT EACH AND EVERY CALL. Please!! It only takes a few seconds.