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20, Jun. 2019

Same stupid call AGAIN about winning a cruise.

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26, Nov. 2018

I have told them multiple times to STOP CALLING.

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5, Apr. 2017

I have repeatedly asked them to STOP!

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7, Sep. 2016

This number also called on 20 December at 5:00P, on 23 December at 6:00P, and on 30 December at 6:00P.

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26, Dec. 2014

trying to collect pmt for Air & Space mag that was already paid for, please DO NOT give any info!!!

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16, Apr. 2014

was an unsolicited call- - used the same rep's name every time!

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13, Mar. 2014

The called never said anything -just played music. I hung up after about 30 seconds. Called me 5 times a day

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30, Jan. 2014

they keep calling!

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7, Mar. 2013

UGH they call my cell phone with a prerecorded message about 3-5 times a day and I always press 1 so a person comes on the line I ask them to remove my number and they hang up every time!!!! PLEASE HELP.

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8, Oct. 2012

They called again. This is the 2nd time they called.

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21, May. 2012

New wave of these maggots the last couple of weeks have crawled out from under their rocks. I hope they can be stopped.