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23, Aug. 2019

Stop ALL of them somehow.

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9, Aug. 2019

When I try to get information from them, such as their name, they hang up.

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22, Jul. 2019

When I try to speak to the "operator" she asks my name, I give it and while I'm asking to be taken off the call list she hangs up

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23, Mar. 2019

Message was something about medical health.

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20, Mar. 2019

I called back and a machine asked me to press 1 if I wanted to be removed from their list.

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8, Mar. 2019

As happens with each robocall, when you don't answer, and then I call the number back,I always get t

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18, Feb. 2019

To create laws to make our police safe fraudulent caller since when do they raise money to create laws to make police safer. This was screaming fraud to me your best interest don’t answer phone. I blocked number

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22, Nov. 2018

Just says a name and nothing else calls 7 times a day

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24, Apr. 2018

Keeps calling me every half hour....this number & 2 other numbers very close to this one. Says its a medical services place for free diabetes testing supplies.

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24, Apr. 2018

Been calling me all day long. Says its a medical place. Said I wasn't interested & they keep calling

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21, Mar. 2018

I started receiving several calls per day from this number and one also ending in 7022. I picked one up but no answer. These calls are totally irritating and start very early in the day and call every 3-4 hours! Neither number ever leaves a message. I answered with intent to tell them to stop calling.

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13, Mar. 2018

Through caller ID we never pickup, but are tired of receiving a minimum of a call once a day.

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2, Mar. 2018

I explained my husband had died.

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2, Mar. 2018

On 12/12/2013 USA Security called our house 1 times.

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28, Feb. 2018

I have now told them I am reporting the number.

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25, Jan. 2018

they are clearly scammers.

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20, Dec. 2017

Medical supplier

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20, Dec. 2017

I couldn’t understand a word she was saying( strong accent, poor English). I just hung up on her.

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9, Dec. 2017

make it stop please lower interest again

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7, Dec. 2017

Male enhancement, calls but leaves a blank message on answering machine

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23, Nov. 2017

They call every day please stop the abuse

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2, Nov. 2017

Did a reverse look up, shows, Gresham, WI

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25, Jul. 2015

Received same call, but real question is Why are they calling? What are they trying to gain? Everyone seems to realize the call is bogus, so why are they wasting time & money calling? They hung up on me, so I still wonder what they were trying to accomplish?

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16, Jan. 2015

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3, Aug. 2014

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30, Jul. 2014

you answer.........they don't say a thing. You call back, it says the number is busy

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24, Jun. 2014

When I pressed 1 for more information, the person had a terrible attitude where she said she would continue to call. She didn't care about a do not call registry and was within her rights to call me.

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24, Dec. 2013

This phone does start out as a recorded call but then a person comes on the line for further help.

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3, Oct. 2013

Skanky, mean, Crack-Ho's who smell like rotten tuna fish & steal your money. Pimp, Gansta' boyfriend even tried to rob me at knifepoint in the parking lot. AVOID!!!

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17, Jun. 2013

Two calls on the same day, from the same number. Both were recorded messages.

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12, Apr. 2013

when i tried to call back this number to say stop calling, there was no answer, it was a non call back number so there is no way to tell them to stop calling. This is a real pain.

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10, Oct. 2012

I don't answer calls from unknown #'s, didn't leave a message.