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17, Sep. 2016

This call comes in AM and PM, sometimes wakes me up at night.

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1, Aug. 2016

keeps calling my phone, Third call. Finally left a message "hi this is Rita Merloe" please call me. No real message as to why they are calling. I will be blocking this number.

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7, Jul. 2016

I have never requested a paycheck loan.

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31, Dec. 2015

They call at least two times a week.

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27, Nov. 2015

Before I can get the words out, they hang up on me.

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20, Jan. 2014

this call was a recorded message, telling me how I can speak with a live representative. I have pressed 1 in the past, (these are recurring calls) and if I ask the representative how they got my number, they hang up on me. So, this time... I blew a whistle in their ear when the live representative came on the line.

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23, Jul. 2013

When we call the number back, we reach a recording saying this number has been disconnected. For a disconnected number, it's amazing how they keep calling back.

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10, Apr. 2013

This number calls me multiple times a day. No way to ask them to quit calling me. I am on this Do Not Call list; why am I still getting these calls? Is this list a waste of time?!

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11, Nov. 2012

No person to ask to stop calling.

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12, Jul. 2012

They call everyday looking for a "johnathan".