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25, Oct. 2019

cannot ask to be removed since this a recording, receive them almost daily.

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11, Apr. 2016

This phone number seems to be a perverted man sending pictures of his private parts to random people. Possible telemarketer for indecent sites.

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23, Dec. 2014

Called to purchase stuff off ksl but then doesn't show up and doesn't return calls or texts. Don't do business with this person.

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24, Mar. 2013

These people yelled at me and were very hostile when I asked them to take me off their call list. They would not tell me the name of their company.

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7, Mar. 2013

This number called several times yesterday and hung up on us and have called numerous times in the last few weeks. They have been told 2 different times to not call any more.

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2, Jul. 2012

I pressed the button to be removed from the telemarketing list, but this has never worked on this recording before, so I doubt it worked this time.