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14, Aug. 2019

They call about every two hours and it has been going on for a week.

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16, Jul. 2019

I did not give my number.

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27, Dec. 2017

Actual time was 6:49 pm.

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21, Jan. 2016

I have pressed 5 and they stil call.

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14, Feb. 2013

they called today, I ask him to take me off his list the first time, they called back a few hours later...

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25, Jan. 2013

They call me for a different number multiple times a day. It is a robot caller.

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13, Aug. 2012

They call me about every other day at different times, I have told them twice when I got to talk to a live person to stop calling me.

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23, Jun. 2012

They are talking about having a important documents with my name on them. They have called numerous times with same story.