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17, Sep. 2019

Tried to make it sound like you get the device for free and shipping is paid for.

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25, Apr. 2018

A company called DC Property inspections is selling my personal information without my consent to MULTIPLE telemarketers.

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18, Apr. 2018

Consumer says the next day he started getting scam calls on his cell phone when before the contact he had no scam calls on his cell phone.

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28, Jan. 2017

We have been on the no call list for several years and we have no desire to use thier services.

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23, Dec. 2016

Consumer has requested that the company stop calling but, the calls continue.

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24, Mar. 2016

Recorded message, I click 1 to speak with someone, and when I ask to be removed from their list they hang up on me.

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19, Apr. 2015

This is a fraud scheme!

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17, Jan. 2014

This was *another* hang up call to my CELL PHONE that is also on the DO-NOT-CALL registry. I tried calling it right back but I get "Your call cannot be completed as dialed."

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22, Dec. 2013

These people call a lot, but never leave a message.

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31, Jul. 2013

this is a phone number we have registered on do not call.

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16, Jul. 2013

This place keeps calling my home. When you call them back there is no answer.

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19, Jun. 2013

Claims to be calling to follow up on a letter sent offering a low mortgage rate. Very friendly and respectful.

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5, Jun. 2013

American Sleep Association. They telemarket people with Sleep Apnea.

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26, Jun. 2012

They call 4 times a day--please make them stop!