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  • Regional statistics: Spanish Fork, Utah has a population of 24613 that is in a county of 99937 units. The city is in a county that is 1998 square miles.
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14, May. 2020

I have been receiving several calls from this number and similar number. I can hear typing but no one ever answers. Then they hang up!! I'm working from home so I have to answer but it's really starting to piss me off!!

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24, Jan. 2020

Sent text asking personal financial information.

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12, Dec. 2019

Robo call. Claims that they are collecting money to support 1st responders.

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20, Sep. 2019

This call is not generated from my credit card company.

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13, Sep. 2019

This number is vaild and a person will answer if you call it.

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30, Apr. 2019

Google business listing

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6, May. 2018

Are you ever going to do anything about the endless solicitation and fraud calls that hard-working, tax-paying people continue to receive?

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29, Apr. 2018

When we call back they are ALWAYS busy.

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18, Jan. 2018

We receive numerous calls everyday from this number.

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24, Nov. 2017

your credit card may be in jeopardy."

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12, Nov. 2017

The computer was off,I said no way and he told me to f myself and hung up claimed his name was Sam

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16, Oct. 2017

An additional number of unsolicited calls received from various numbers Dec 18-31st were deleted before I took time to log them.

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6, Dec. 2016

I have instructed these people that I am on a do not call list, yet they repeatedly are calling me.

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4, Aug. 2016

I have never done business with them.

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1, Aug. 2016

They say that you have to go to court because of out standing loans that HAVE NOT BEEN PAID DONT SEND A SENT !!!!!! THIS IS A SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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31, Jul. 2016

I have been on the no call registry for several years and still receive unwanted calls.

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17, Jun. 2016

Might have been a recording.

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15, Jun. 2016

Unsolicited, collection company looking for someone I don't know.

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8, Jun. 2016

Please investigate and resolve.

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13, Apr. 2016

We have asked numerous times for the Modesto Bee to stop calling our phone number.

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9, Mar. 2016

This is the second time I have received a call from Chex Systems.

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24, Feb. 2016

Called my cell phone. Another web with complaints, they claim call was about past due bills. I have excellent credit, all my bills are paid for in full each month & I have not had any late ones in many many MANY years. This is nothing more than a scam coming from someplace in Utah.

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31, Jul. 2015

I just got a text from this number says " I read palms. It says you're gonna call me sooon., reply back"

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22, Jun. 2015

Man with accent said he was calling from Computer Technical Services on behalf of Microsoft.

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8, Jun. 2015

I have asked them repeatedly to stop all calls.

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5, Sep. 2014

I have asked them to stop calling...they have not. This is annoying even if it is recorded!!!!

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29, Jul. 2014

This was a recorded message, which I keep receiving time to time and I am not able to ask them to stop calling.

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28, May. 2014

Quick internet search shows they're scammerspretending to call from a PC company re: people's computers.

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18, Mar. 2014

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25, Feb. 2014

This is the same company that I have reported several times. They appear to be changing the phone number. Please get them!

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18, Feb. 2014

they call and do not answer me. It is very unsettng to me, when I have to get up to answer the phone and not one is there!

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23, Jan. 2014

This number has called several times after being repeatedly told not to call again. I was called twice today. I told them not to call again.

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22, Jan. 2014

There is a service that sends free sms worldwide and this is the number showing as "sender". Anyone can send the messages as long as you have an internet connection. If you respond back, your message is dropped.

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22, Jun. 2013

We have asked this company not to call us. Yet the harassment continues.

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21, Jun. 2013

When you call the number back to ask them not to call any more, they hang up on you.

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13, Jun. 2013

We have been getting these calls for at least a year, lately on a daily basis. There doesn't appear to be a way to tell them to stop as they are robo-calls.

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30, Apr. 2013

They call my home number, my cell number, and my wife's cell number. All of these numbers are registered on the do not call list. Iit appears that this company is bogus and that the call ID phone number is faked. Is there any way that these calls can be stopped and "company" prosecuted?

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20, Mar. 2013

I have not nor do not wish to do business with these people.

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19, Mar. 2013

Both myself and my husband received calls from them today. I did not answer as I didn't recognize the number. He called them back and that is the recording he heard. Both calls came on our cell phones. We are already on the the do not call listing for our cell phones.

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4, Mar. 2013

We have received dozens of calls of recorded messages. I will not push the buttons to respond to the message! It has become very annoying. Thank you.

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5, Feb. 2013

I don't know anyone from Utah, I don't answer numbers I don't know. I figure if its important they will leave me a messge and I can get back to them.

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30, Nov. 2012

I just received an unsolicited text message to my cell phone from 385-200-1758 saying that I have won a Best Buy Gift Card for $1000!! I'm supposed to claim it at: Hmmmmm, let's see, that wouldn't be Lyberia by any chance would it???