Area Code 361

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Area code: 361
State: Texas
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2019

It was a recorded message saying Pres Obama signed a mortgage relief.(that's all I listened to.

23, Mar. 2019

I again asked him who he was and who he worked for and he refused to answer.

23, Mar. 2019

Previous call (860-777-1234) submitted to on 05-27-14.

22, Mar. 2019

Phone ID indicated that the call came from Olympia, WA.

22, Mar. 2019

I receive multiple a day calls from number. I have repeatedly asked for party to stop calling but party disconnects the call and I receive additional calls within 20 minutes. The party refuses to identify themselves or states they are asking about my "Microsoft" computer but when asked to provide verification of their identity, they will disconnect the call. These calls are often followed by Unknown number or private number calls. The calls appear fraudulent but have been unable to make calls stop. Have had to contact my service provider to block the calls.

21, Mar. 2019

NY and robo voice identified itself as "Police Chiefs Association"."

21, Mar. 2019

I spoke to someone and when I said to stop calling they hung up on me.

20, Mar. 2019

Also, I am not a homeowner.

20, Mar. 2019

Received a recorded message and when instructed to press 1 was connected to a woman named Sara.

20, Mar. 2019

The caller is always the same person and he asks for me by first name and acts as if we are well acquainted.

19, Mar. 2019

My Mom is on a do not call list and is elderly and handicapped, so it is hard for her to get to the phone.

19, Mar. 2019

Did not know the name or number and would not answer.

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