Area Code 360

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Area code: 360
State: Washington
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

You need let me know who you arel leave me a message or dont call

17, Feb. 2019

I’ve actually talked to the person before, but now it’s a terrible recording. It was for the donation for police, but I’ve gotten calls from the same guy, different number for donations for veterans. I am a veteran, and we don’t call for donations like that. I’m sure the police don’t either.

16, Feb. 2019

Have received 3 calls today here iin MN -- am blocking each call, per 360-205-9659, reporting to FCC.

14, Feb. 2019

Jims greed knows no bounds. I suggest summary liquidation of him and his associates. He is a windego, he only knows to take and never give. The only cure for him, is death!

13, Feb. 2019

Received a group text message at 2:30AM from this number with 19 other phone numbers all ending in the same 4 characters.

13, Feb. 2019

This call is from Internal Revenue Service understanding your cp523 notice. This notice is to inform you that we intend to terminate your tax ID number and going to seize your wages and bank accounts. As you have not taken any action contact us immediately an internal revenue service representative will assist you. If you have already taken corrective action, you should still call us to make sure we have a record of your actions so that we can reinstate your request to cancel arrest warrant and lawsuit against you for further information. Call us on direct line number 360-244-4587. Again, 360-244-4587. Thank you.

8, Feb. 2019

Just received a recorded call telling me my SSN was used improperly and before there was legal action taken I needed to contact them. I have blocked future calls from this number.

4, Feb. 2019

Left partial message: "Activities before we proceed this matter in court house get back to us on our department number 360-335-3035. Thank you."

4, Feb. 2019

still at it.

29, Jan. 2019

Just did the same to me smh

29, Jan. 2019

Called, didn’t leave any message.

Brown sawyers
28, Jan. 2019

Comes up on caller ID as washington state. (Where we reside) they call daily now. If you see it come up, do yourself a favour and block it.

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