Area Code 352

Additional information:

Area code: 352
State: Florida
Country: USA
16, Jul. 2019

I had a total of 71 calls today (within minutes and sometimes seconds of each other).

15, Jul. 2019

and then when you press #1, it asks if you are the ceo of the business and then a guy comes on the phone

14, Jul. 2019

When I ask them to remove me from their list, they hang up.

13, Jul. 2019

Government grant money .. When I said I use a pre paid . why is it activated. I said no .how you pay your bills . he got arrogant and said he can't help me.

12, Jul. 2019

I waited for the robo message to start, but nothing came on.

12, Jul. 2019

Not sure how to stop these calls and they continue to leave messages on voice mail.

12, Jul. 2019

Please look into the calling number and let them know NOT to call me again.

11, Jul. 2019

A recorded message started and quit during the first few seconds.

11, Jul. 2019

When they do answer it is a recording saying i need to lower my credit card interest rates.

11, Jul. 2019

When a live person comes on they admit (once I ask) they are not from any of my actual credit card accounts or banks.

10, Jul. 2019

When I complained about the repeated calls, the person on the line said that there were 5 walk-in bath tub companies in our area.

10, Jul. 2019

Please terminate their existence.

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