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6, Dec. 2018

Who are behind these telephone calls I am not certain. Receiving annoying incoming calls from the same mobile number at the most embarrassing times is a nuisance. The text messages only contain the words Hello! I inquired for further particulars about the unfinished business and the company initially wanted me to confirm my credit card number. The person started to say that it was not his issue and this is the name indicated in their documents. I informed that I am not accountable fur other’s liabilities and then the rep started threatening me that they have all proof to take me to courts. Not only dealing with the person who is calling now I have another problem to be solved as I will have to talk to my neighbor as to why on earth he gave my phone number to the firm. Anyway the guy who lives down the road is known to be a dishonest man.

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28, Apr. 2016

Hello", the call disconnected.