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28, Sep. 2018

I am tired of them calling (from various phone numbers), so they're less than legitimate.

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15, Aug. 2018

Called me by my name. I answered in Spanish. He said he would remove my name. Hola, hola.

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7, Jul. 2018

We are with a different company.

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27, Jun. 2018

When I answered the call today there was nobody on the other end.

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5, Apr. 2018

Asking me if i want help for a debt (that i don't have).

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24, Jan. 2018

This one came the day after I asked them to stop calling.

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11, Mar. 2016

The company called about credit card debt I am sick and tired of receiving this type of call I HAVE NO CREDIT DEBT All credit cards are paid in full every month

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8, Dec. 2015

only to disconnect as soon as I answer.