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2, Nov. 2017

credit card scam, please jail them

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9, May. 2017

The representative also assured me I would be put on their do not call list - clearly that was entirely untrue.

Mark_H Detroit
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1, Dec. 2015

Aggressive threatening message. I called back and they answered, "U.S. TREASURY." David Gray was not available and I spoke with Austin Skylar - Indian accent - very rude - demanding to know why I ignored the previous message. I think 352-561-2042 is a cell phone, because the call was dropped. I called the actual Treasury in Washington, D.C. and a recorded message said they to not initiate contact by telephone and anyone who does, claiming to be the Treasury is likely FRAUDULANT. I called back to 352-561-2042 again, and a DIFFERENT person with an Indian accent answered and said David Grey was still not available and Austin Skylar just went on break. I told this new clown, that I called the actual U. S. Treasury in D.C. and he fired off at me, telling me that agents will be at my door in 45 minutes. That was more than 3 hours ago.

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23, Nov. 2015

The last phone call - he left a message complaining about the person at the front desk.

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17, Sep. 2015

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9, Mar. 2015

This is a recorded message I finally got caller ID so I could see what number to report.

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9, Jan. 2013

They call several times a day to my cell phone.

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17, Nov. 2011

calling to try to get me to read them the private financial information off of my card. Not happening today pal!