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31, May. 2018

Actually hung up on me once when I was telling them not to call again.

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22, Jan. 2018

Recorded Message about Credit Card. Caller ID showed "Information

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3, Nov. 2016

I answered on third call to see what they would say.

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26, Mar. 2016

Got a call from this number 3/26/2016 at 3:30 pm, the caller ID said "Florida." It was an automated call claiming that they could lower my credit card interest rate, and something about a debt or balance. I pressed "1" out of curiosity, knowing they were probably going to try to get some personal information. He asked if I wanted to lower my credit card interest rate, to which I responded "yes." "Which card would you like to have the interest rate lowered?" LET THIS BE A RED FLAG. ONLY A SPECIFIC CREDIT CARD COMPANY CAN LOWER YOUR INTEREST RATE ON THEIR CARD!!! So I asked, "Sir, which credit card company are you calling from?" I didn't get a totally straight answer, and had a hard time understanding him (I don't think the connection was very good). He said something about Capital One and Chase Bank, and that I had an "outstanding balance" on my account. I don't have credit cards from either of those companies, and I don't have any debt. I told him, "I don't have a Capital One credit card." Then he asked me how old I was (random?) I went ahead and told him the truth, that I was 22 years old. Again, the connection wasn't very good, so he said "42?" "No, 22." "32?" "NO, 22" "Oh, okay. Have a great day ma'am." and he hung up. Maybe 22 is young enough that they won't bother trying to call me again (as there's quite a few people my age that do not have credit cards). I'm starting to wish I said I was 17, or something. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION! NOT EVEN YOUR AGE! (my mistake)