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13, Mar. 2018

Numerous sales people from this company have called over the years.

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7, Nov. 2017

Calls often and hangs up when call is answered.

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15, May. 2017

The phone representative presented themselves as AARP/United Health Care.

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19, Apr. 2017

It is a foreign accent on the line and they get very defensive when you tell them not to call again.

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16, Dec. 2016

Who are they exactly? did you talk to them? what did they want? I guess I'll block this phone number also.

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21, Jun. 2016

They have called numerous times before.

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17, May. 2016

They need to be prosecuted.

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29, Apr. 2016

like that her real name!

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8, Jun. 2015

They called today. I just do not answer phone calls that come across as unavailable, or anonymous, etc. These are mostly political calls made by the PAC's or campaigns. If a number that comes in has no caller ID, we do not pick up. After a while, they get the idea.

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4, Jun. 2014

They call about once a month and tell you to "shut the F*** up" when you ask to be removed from the list.

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28, Mar. 2014

Called twice today. First time I couldn't understand what company they said they were calling from. They hung up. Second time called asking for "Bobby". I asked them to stop calling and they hung up. Also, I noticed they had an Indian accent.

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8, Aug. 2013

When attempting to talk with a live person to get some background on the company, they always hang up.

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17, Jun. 2013

This number called my cell at early in the morning and rang 2 times then hung up. They called back later and neither time, left a message. It is a company which has other numbers that call - also.

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29, Jul. 2012

These people yelled at me and were very hostile when I asked them to take me off their call list. They would not tell me the name of their company.

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23, Feb. 2012

This person has called me several time and does not leave a message im busy if you going to call leave a message! Thanks