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10, Apr. 2019

Message said "This is in reference to suspend your existing social security number on a immediate basis if your social has been suspected in illegal activities. I need you to call us back as soon as you receive this message. Our direct line is 352-358-0944, I repeat 352-358-0944. Now if you don't return the call then the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds you.

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25, Jul. 2018

i got two this evening after 6pm.

Transgender escort FL
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22, Apr. 2018

This individual offers money for sexual favors to transgender escorts. He will text you asking if “youre a top” (If you can fuck him)

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23, Feb. 2017

Very rude sales person. I pressed 2 to get removed from the calling list and got connected anyway. I asked several times to get removed and he kept talking over me! I asked to speak to a manager , but yet he was forcefully trying to tell me how to run my business !!!!! Very rude!!!!! We just go by word of mouth ! That is our decision! We don't have the time to constantly answer the phone !!!! Very angry right now ! DO NOT CALL US AGAIN!!!!!!!

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3, Dec. 2016

I recognized the caller's name from previous calls.

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16, Sep. 2015

The call came in at 8:39 p.m. I performed two star-69 procedures to identify the caller's number.

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21, Mar. 2014

This is usually a recorded message. This time, I got the number on my caller ID.

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30, Mar. 2013

Woman's name in the recorded message. Also received same call last week from the same number.

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14, Nov. 2012

they call and ask for someone else, but I tell them nobody by that name lives here.