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2, Jun. 2018

Y,310,7702973,unwanted call.

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17, May. 2017

Got a call from this strange number . I looked it up and I think its the collectors called Bank of America. No idea why they're bugging me. Can anyone confirm if its them?

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15, Dec. 2014

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24, Feb. 2014

This a FAX trying to connect. Calls 2 - 3 times daily on our voice line. Their number answers FAXes but - I sent some asking to be taken off their list. Of course, it did not work.

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27, Aug. 2012

This number called and left a message claimed they were from ADG Research. Of course they didn't say what they were researching. My number is on a do not cal list.

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29, May. 2012

Receive weekly and monthly calls from a man and a woman. Have asked that they take us off of their call list, to no avail.