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19, Jul. 2019

asking for me under my maiden name and stated he had a legal issue and collection issue for me.

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22, Jun. 2018

I have told them before to stop calling.

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18, May. 2018

Its a fax machine that is trying to blast fax us.

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24, Nov. 2017

I researched this number and apparently there have been 87 complaints.

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17, Nov. 2017

Most reports I've filed for this number you will find as ALARM SERVICES.

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4, Oct. 2017

They claim I filled out a request for a vacation in Florida.

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22, Aug. 2016

Un able to talk to a person

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21, Jul. 2016

Texted me randomly asking if I want to recieve payment in the next 2 days, what makes it worse is that they used my first name to start the text.

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18, Jul. 2016

Never heard of this before, don't want to hear from them again!

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16, Jul. 2015

Calls and hangs up. Busy if you call it back.

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26, Jun. 2015

Asked if a female living here has a medical situation. Said it is some kind of welfare program. They know my wife's name, but I didn't acknowledge that they had the right name. When I returned the call, someone answered who also stated my wife's name, but was otherwise clueless, and refused to connect me with a supervisor.

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9, Mar. 2015

received a call then hang up.

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10, Aug. 2014

the number of marketing calls has increased so much. i get at least 3-5 daily.

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4, Apr. 2014

they call daily about buying from them!

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19, Jun. 2013

This number called my home phone and then my cell phone within 5 minutes. the number came up anonymous on my caller id.

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23, Jan. 2013

They call almost everyday. When I ask them to place me on their do not call list they hang up immediately without saying anything.

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25, Aug. 2012

I have asked repeatedly to stop calling me.