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20, Sep. 2016

We have 48 hours to resolve this issue.

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7, Apr. 2016

I have also advised them we are on the national Do Not Call list.

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23, Feb. 2013

We receive 1 or 2 calls from this company each day. The calls started about a month ago. When asked to speak to a person the call is terminated.

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8, Jul. 2012

They call several times a day. I am usually not able to answer to tell them not to call. I have received 21 calls.

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30, Mar. 2012

Yes it did and I am sick of these calls and trying to read and retype the illegible scribble that you people ask for. Our society has eroded to me having to acknowledge that people like you even exist. This is so sad. Aren't there better jobs out there for you people. I have had to adjust to this recession because I am in the construction business. Why don't you guys look for something more ethical?