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12, Mar. 2019

My mother passed away.

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2, Apr. 2018

They are calling up to four times a week at this point, and this has been going on for the last few months.

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11, Feb. 2016

Repeated calls with no message. Call back gets VERY STRANGE responses. After hitting *67 and dialing I got "Hey what's happening?" I responded with "to whom am I speaking?" That resulted in a hang-up. Dialed again and got a lot of VERY LOUD noise followed by music and some strange background sounds. Dialed a third time and got a message in spanish. Dialed yet again (determined to get some answers) and got "no speak English." Clearly some sort of scam operation. If you get a call from this number don't answer, cut the call and block the number.

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24, Sep. 2015

This call was not at all appreciated.

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23, Jul. 2015

We have told a similar number to please stop calling