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19, Nov. 2018

I was also just billed $3.89 plus tax on Shaw bill. They are reversing it. I have asked them to block all collect calls.

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15, Oct. 2018

My elderly mother keeps receiving phone calls from this phone number on their Android. They are telephoning the wrong number. They attempt to ignore the calls but they do not stop. Is it possible to report this company ?

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22, Sep. 2018

What did you do to stop calls from 7204526412 after my first report?

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8, Sep. 2018

so it appears I have a new message.

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26, Dec. 2017

Same story, sounded very confident, calling from chamber of commerce! Total BS wondering what is the purpose of this?

Donna m perez
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8, Dec. 2017

My assurance wireless ZTE is stolen running on. 8 lines lifeline. Was set up.also by. DENISE ABEL ALSO. KNOW HAS. DENISE CAMACHO

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2, Jul. 2017

Called left no message

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20, Jan. 2016

I asked do you understand.

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25, Sep. 2014

Calling about installing solar panels. Told him we are on "do not call list". He hung up.

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23, Jan. 2013

These guys are keep calling and leaving long voicemails.

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19, Dec. 2012

They called again!

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22, Nov. 2012

They have refused to provide their phone number. They are a scam. I have told them I am on the do-not-call list, but they still persist in harrassing me. The last time I told them that, the guy tried to belch at me. Do I need to report this to the phone company or a law enforcement agency? Help!

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13, Nov. 2012

They call every day, sometimes more than once.

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1, Nov. 2012

These people call several times a day. Half the time they hang up on me. It's completely harassing.

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3, Aug. 2012

These people have called me repeatedly and I have told them several times to take me off their list. Please make them stop calling my cell phone!

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22, Jul. 2012

These people have called before. I have this number blocked, but I do not want them calling altogether. Even though my numbers have been on the do not call list forever, they seem to find a way to get them. Someone needs to crack down on these people already. Everybody is getting sick of them. Please stop these people already!