Area Code 339

Additional information:

Area code: 339
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
2, Jul. 2020

They call from many different numbers.

2, Jun. 2020

aproximatly 7 times I have filed multiple complaints against them and repeatedly insisted that they not call back.

2, Jun. 2020

Thank you for helping us!

11, May. 2020

Caller trying to peddle supposed relief from credit card debt. They ask about money owed to credit cards, ask exp dates, then finally request credit card #. LMAO!!! I asked, "You're kidding me! People actually give you this information?" To which, he replied by putting me on hold for a couple minutes. Of course, I gave them no truthful info, and rrreeaalllyyy wanted to ruin this scammer's day, so I did wait. Til they hung up. Hrmph. Those calls are fun, I think, but I do feel badly for people who actually fall for it.

6, May. 2020

Called multiple times over the last 2 days

2, May. 2020

These people call AT LEAST twice a week, sometimes every day. We have asked them to take our name off their list. Yesterday they called again while I was napping. I was upset and told them off. The woman said Oh I'm sorry. I said No you're not. Everytime you call I tell you to take me off your list. Apparently you aren't doing that. You don't help me and I think you're all a bunch of a$$hole$. (I told you I was mad, I don't usually swear.) Then last night I was reading about 4 cancer "research" organizations that were scams that are being investigated. I think there was a breast cancer society on that list. I know charities are supposed to be allowed to call, but why? If I want to donate to a cause I will LOOK THEM UP, they don't need to call me - ever. Thank you.

20, Mar. 2020

lower interest rates on credit card

17, Mar. 2020

They have called from so many different numbers I have them all they claim I have a compensation cla

16, Mar. 2020

If you do not say anything the phone disconnects.

12, Mar. 2020

Called two people in our company today, claiming to be from Spectrum, wanting to email us a brochure and asked who our ISP was. Both times they asked for the employee's name specifically and said they had talked to our HR person and stated that person's first name. The HR person mentioned had not been called. Probably pulled it from our website.

7, Mar. 2020

the person online calls someone and says please dont put me of speaker phone, the call needs to be 30 seconds.

4, Mar. 2020

They have continued to call each day demanding to talk to owner of the number

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