Area Code 339

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Area code: 339
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
12, May. 2019

I told her we are on a do not call list and that I do not know who she is.Super thick accent and reading from a

11, May. 2019

Why would someone call from IRS on a Saturday?

9, May. 2019

The call banks have you outsmarted.

23, Apr. 2019

An hour later got a call from the same number, I did not answer it.

20, Apr. 2019

Getting really tired of it, interrupting us, and no one on the other line!

18, Apr. 2019

The recorded message was about a rebate card for $100 for a website I visited without being specific about what website.

17, Apr. 2019

Foreign accent. I did not bother to listen to the entire lie. Not my language, not a message for me.

16, Apr. 2019

They have a hard time believing that I know it is a scam.

16, Apr. 2019

We received a message about some sort of life alertish system targeted towards people over the age of b(6) .

15, Apr. 2019

These people have called me before about my computer saying some of my programs not working.They are

11, Apr. 2019

Sir, This again I am reporting this number 2524194139 calling home day and night 3 times during the day and 3 times at night.As I said in my previous report my is so sick just got out at the hospital and she needs good rest not to be bother with call that doesn't concern us.This is already harrassment to us.

8, Apr. 2019

Since before July 22nd,this company has been calling every two days.I do not need to do business with them and have pressed a button to stop the calls.It has been two times a day on some days.

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