Area Code 337

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Area code: 337
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
13, Nov. 2018

Rachel called saying I had applied for work on their website. TOTAL LIE. When I said she was mistaken she went into this spiel saying that I had wanted to pursue something educational. EDU was the title of the company she game me. ALL TOTAL LIES. I said I'm on the do not call list and she hung up on me.

7, Nov. 2018

# phoned me and it made me cry. I tried to phone back around noon but nobody answered. I don't know if I will phone again.

Jennifer Clark
27, Oct. 2018

Scammers - they left me a message saying I did not pay my taxes and the federal agents are at my door to take me in.

John Smith
18, Oct. 2018

I cant believe this harassing number is not shut down by someone!!

16, Oct. 2018

Understand it's a telemarketer.

16, Oct. 2018

Y,860,9106763,Googled number.

15, Oct. 2018

Caller texted about a craigslist listing. Wanted to use a cashier's check but didn't have time to look at the iterm personally. Could it be because they live over a thousand miles away???? Total scam!

12, Oct. 2018

I got a call from a similar number claiming my computer had a virus and asking for remote access to solve the problem.

10, Oct. 2018

They call at all hours of the day, including weekends.

5, Oct. 2018

If I press 9 on the dial pad, I will never hear from him again.

3, Oct. 2018

It is a recording about medical alert system for seniors.

2, Oct. 2018

What a great deal on lowering your interest rate.

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