Area Code 337

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Area code: 337
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
not tellin
29, Apr. 2020

i cant make this up.. smh..this pos texted me with: "um idk if wilbert to you but he has a girlfriend well had cus now he *bleeeeppp* *bleep" is single since is mom so say asking about u an he say miss u an etc have him" i dont know these folks!

31, Mar. 2020

He says there are no issues.

25, Mar. 2020

Several times a day at first and then when I quit answering the phone they have gotten it down to only about twice a day.

24, Mar. 2020

I've tried to block it but it keeps coming.

24, Mar. 2020

recorded message continueously calls live in los angeles nowhere near new york have never done business or heard of them

24, Mar. 2020

most sounded foreign some did not respond.

24, Mar. 2020

This is worse then scam calls please help get them off our number thank you - Subject matter of the call: This company keeps calling daily and ask for a per

24, Mar. 2020

I told the operator to take my name off their call list and he argued with me, informing me that I was to only press 1 if I was interested in the offer.

20, Mar. 2020

each time I ask them to stop calling me.

19, Mar. 2020

Caller was polite on being told I am on National Do Not Call List and agreed to put me on their list, but should not have been contacting me much less with a robodialler to begin with.

19, Mar. 2020

If It would have been the True Publishers Clearing House I am sure they would have contacted us Certified Mail and by home phone.

14, Mar. 2020

and then no talking.

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