Area Code 336

Additional information:

Area code: 336
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
14, Jul. 2019

I have continued to get calls from them for over six months.

12, Jul. 2019

The phone number is listed & I traced it to a landline in Las Vegas, NV.

11, Jul. 2019

I have had NO surgery.another SCAM.

10, Jul. 2019

Moved to another phone number.

8, Jul. 2019

Unable to ask them to stop as it is a recorded message asking for input about credit cards.

8, Jul. 2019

Moreover, this caller never ever leave any message up on my answering machine.

8, Jul. 2019

I then just told him to not call me again and I hung up on him.

6, Jul. 2019

This same person tried to text only for a huge order. He wanted an invoice sent to him for the total amount so we could hurry the process along. This was a Saturday afternoon and I was closing. He said he would call back on Monday. Text on Monday and wanted to text about my weekend and how I was doing as though we were friends. I told him we can finish anything he needs if he can call me in an HR. He then said text me when you can. I said I can only finish this with a phone call. Needless to say I never heard from him again. Obviously a scam!

5, Jul. 2019

I have stayed on the line and told an agent to stop calling but they call about a week later with a different caller ID

5, Jul. 2019

Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

5, Jul. 2019

Hung up when I answered and asked them not to call again.

3, Jul. 2019

By pressing 1 I get connected to a customer service rep who gave me the company name and number above.

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