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28, Mar. 2018

Calls frequently, I don't answer 800#s often and if I do it's just long enough to see if it's robo or human....human I disconnect, robo I wait for an option to 'opt out' of future calls......yeah, like that reeeeally works Elroy....ya dolt

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15, Mar. 2018

in the past i asked them not to call again they just did today chiropractor in denville nj

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12, Nov. 2017

Please follow up and let me know the results.

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23, Sep. 2016

They have called 2 times , i did not answer once on 1/2/14 and 1/3/14 .

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8, Jul. 2016

109 robocalls spaced out over an 8 day period in December alone.

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16, May. 2016

Actual time was 6:49 pm.

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21, Apr. 2016

To me, fax solicitations are worse than an actual phone call solicitations because faX soliciatations actually cost the recipient money.

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3, Mar. 2016

IRS scam I called back to a robotic message then this guy answer.

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15, Jan. 2016

There is a prerecorded message every time they call.

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27, Dec. 2014

Phone rings three times, then caller disconnects. I tried calling back but get the message "Voice mailbox is full. Good bye."