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1, Oct. 2019

no info provided but internet search turns up one of those medical alert scams.

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30, Sep. 2019

They have called me 3 times. Telling me that my warranty on my car has expired. I said I don't want theirs. They said my VIN number will be "wiped off" my car. Whatever that means. They are not General Motors and I know that General Motors will never contact me by phone. My dealer told me so himself.

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31, Aug. 2019

They are blatantly ignoring the National Do Not Call Registry.

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19, Aug. 2019

This time I waited until I had enough information to report.

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18, May. 2019

Asked them to stop calling not interested in their scam of lower interest rates

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11, May. 2019

3rd time they have called.

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9, Apr. 2019

I called the above nuisance number (406 980 2030) and recorded message stated that it is disconnected.

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19, Mar. 2019

This number has been calling every single day.

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25, Jul. 2018

regarding a chance to win a sweepstakes if I listened to their radio station.