Area Code 334

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Area code: 334
State: Alabama
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2018

The mobile calls are sometimes clustered together. Every time I inquire about the business name, they slam down the phone. This is increasingly more and more maddening. There has got to be a kind of lawsuit to make these calls cease.

19, Nov. 2018

I don't owe Check Secure of Alabama a penny but I do carry a credit card from this bank. Wgy do you think they are calling? How do I get the phone calls to stop?

15, Nov. 2018

A chick called me the other day. She said she was calling about a legal matter. I replied to mail it to me. A man called tonight and said the same thing. How do I end the phone calls?

10, Nov. 2018

This telephone number rings many times per month. When I pick up, they hang up. I hate these calls.

8, Nov. 2018

This man left a voicemail. He said that I should telephone before the end of the day regarding a bill. He kept repeating that it was urgent. When I dialed the number, I got a message that said that the person wasn't available. I left messages. I don't know where to turn.

8, Nov. 2018

Received a call from this telephone number. Can't send a payment to Capitol Judgment Solutions because the past due bills has just gotten out of control. I phoned customer service and they advised me to make a payment plan. Many people should be going through similar problems.

8, Nov. 2018

I have been getting phone calls from #. When I picked up the cell phone, I heard clicking noises. Don't understand why I received this telephone call.

7, Nov. 2018

This is the first instance I heard regarding this happening fomr my wife. This is her first job as an Assistant Manager and she was very happy with her appointment until a few days ago when all this had taken place. All this is due to a few calls coming on her new Android during working hours from one of her colleagues who is currently on vacation. All employees in her organization is aware of the telephone calls and she is highly worried as this man is a criminal. She has decided to submit her resignation immediately. It Is such a pity as finding work is so difficult nowadays.

5, Nov. 2018

This cell number has called my mother about 10 times just to find out my cell number. The person who calls keeps on telephoning daipy without fail and goes on asking for my mobile number. Although my family has mentioned the callers that we're gonna take action against the callers they are not willing to stop the calls. The caller has some guts.

3, Nov. 2018

This is a chainmail type msg going around facebook messenger that promises riches galore if you send to (or annoy) 50 of your friends immediately and if you don't then expect death, doom, destruction, a loose tooth, 3 eyed babies, and a new cowlick by morning... Oh and you also are a terrible GOD-HATER if you don't comply... 🙄 and people actually feel compelled to forward this "just in case" (aye-yai-yai).

2, Nov. 2018

Is it against state law for a debt agency to call me at the office? I told the collector to stop calling but he laughed at me.

31, Oct. 2018

total scam

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