Area Code 330

Additional information:

Area code: 330
State: Ohio
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

Sent me a Facebook message and tried to convince me it was my relative and I needed to contact them. It’s actually some raghead trying to scam people out of money

13, Feb. 2019

They call me constantly from Ohio, Texas, Maine, West Virginia, Florida. Same recorded message, call multiple times per day. I block the numbers and they call from another location.

7, Feb. 2019

relax read comments above

6, Feb. 2019

What did this caller want? They called me. Supposedly Spectrum.

2, Feb. 2019

Colby Brock (youtuber) got tapped(hacked) from calling this number

2, Feb. 2019

Called at 9 pm

21, Jan. 2019

credit card scammer

20, Jan. 2019

They called and said I ordered Chinese food and I needed to pick it up now. That it’s been 30 minutes and this is number that was given. I laughed and told him wrong number and he got pissed. Told me “ know you pick up your food now it been ready

9, Jan. 2019

They call me several times a day, but never leave a voice message. I've tried blocking them, but there are too many & they just call back on diff ones

Scum Buster
7, Jan. 2019

Sign up once for info, get calls to perpetuity

31, Dec. 2018

Calls early...never leave message. Blocked them

21, Dec. 2018

This number has called twice in a row, repeatedly. They leave long voicemails every time. Not the first time they have called.

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