Area Code 325

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Area code: 325
State: Texas
Country: USA
20, Mar. 2019

this phone # has shown up on my phone repeatedly 10-15 times a day! I blocked the number and have left messages for them to stop calling me to no avail! I even threatened legal action against them! I think it may be one of those robo callers. if anyone knows how to get rid of them please let me know thru google by making a post. they are driving me crazy!!!

20, Mar. 2019


20, Mar. 2019

The Texas Senior Medicare Patrol has received complaints about Medicare scam calls from 325-238-8869. The female robocaller voice says that if the person doesn't give up their Medicare ID number, that person will lose her/his “Medicare emergency” privileges. THIS IS A SCAM. MEDICARE WILL NEVER CALL YOU. Report these scams to the Federal Trade Commission ( , Medicare Office of the Inspector General ( and your state's Senior Medicare Patrol (1-877-808-2468, or DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR MEDICARE OR SOCIAL SECURITY IDS. Check your Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs). If you see that Medicare has been billed for something that neither you nor your doctor has ordered, report that information immediately to your state's Senior Medicare Patrol (1-877-808-2468, or

15, Mar. 2019

Never done business with them and have repeatedly told them we are not interested but they keep calling from different numbers.

15, Mar. 2019

Called from number and said couldn't hang up.

14, Mar. 2019

When I asked for a phone number this time, they gave me 1-877-506-448.

12, Mar. 2019

I am not a Democrat and do no want to be called by anyone connected with the party.

OMG, now they're "Intel Security"
12, Mar. 2019

Picked up the phone, silence, then "boiler-room" background noises... Why would a woman with an East Indian accent call me from "Intel Security" out of the blue in Canada from area code 325 in Abilene, San Angelo, TX !?! All the hallmarks of a typical phishing scam call via a burner VoIP connection.

11, Mar. 2019

same religious scammer different number.

7, Mar. 2019

wants to sell me orthopedic braces and charge them to MediCare

7, Mar. 2019

This number called me twice today, and three times last weekend.

4, Mar. 2019

I tried to call this number but a recorded message saying I have reached a number that has been disconnected or discontinued.

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