Area Code 321

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Area code: 321
State: Florida
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2019


6, Feb. 2019

This number call me and say me you received benefit free for you license CNA..she explains some people call you back next day !!!! Bla bla bla !! I report this number !!!

30, Jan. 2019

Scam call for medical brace at no cost - billed to Medicare.

28, Jan. 2019

This number called my phone, and didn't leave a message, so I blocked the number. Bye Felisha!

28, Jan. 2019

These people need to be shut down. The caller is beyond rude. I feel like they are stalking people. This is not normal. Everyone needs to report this guy. He is looking at everyone with on line presence.

17, Jan. 2019

when I called the number a minute after the phone rang it played an automation....the number you called is currently not set up......verbatim I have special ringtones for those I will answer thus I do not need to worry but I feel the distraction of the ringing is a burden on daily life and not worthy of the time away from the attention I would rather give to my children which is also why I don't do smart phones its a go phone 30 bucks Walmart.

5, Jan. 2019

Caller is a college professor. If you receive calls from her, you are probably in one of her classes and forgot to turn in a paper... that is what happened to me!!! Super nice lady.

3, Jan. 2019

Number 321-396-5826 Message: "165 the purpose of this call is regarding an enforcement action which has been executed by the US Treasury and against your Social Security number. Ignoring this would be an intentional attempt to avoid an initial appearance before the magistrate judge or exempt jury for a federal criminal offense, so before this matter goes to federal claims courthouse or you get arrested, kindly calls us back at our number 321-396-5826, I repeat 321-396-5826 so get back on this number as soon as possible". I am deleting this number and blocking it as Spam on my phone.

20, Dec. 2018

This number has called my phone 11 times in the past 24 hours. No messages left. This is no one that I am familiar with nor doing any type of business with.

17, Dec. 2018

12/17/18 ...Just got this call -but did not answer. NEVER ANSWER if you do not recognize the caller or the number..This caller, did NOT leave a message...........classic prank call or worse ..........

16, Dec. 2018

Scam operation

10, Dec. 2018

DEBT COLLECTION RECOVERY FOR OLD MEDICAL BILLS. MAKE SURE THAT YOU RESEARCH YOUR STATES STATUE OF LIMITATIONS WITH REGARD TO OLD MEDICAL BILLS, AND HOW LONG THEY ARE PERMITTED TO TRY TO COLLECT ON THAT DEBT. A statute of limitations sets the time limit for how long a creditor can sue you over a debt. In North Carolina, most consumer debt has a statute of limitations of three years from the date of last activity.

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