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9, Oct. 2018

They seem to have commandeered an old company name assigned to a business in Houston, Texas that provided oil/gas pipeline services and equipment.

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3, Oct. 2017

They left a voicemail that sounded like it was on speaker phone, with one or two people in the background, at least one was coughing.

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22, Sep. 2016

have repeatly asked to be removed from calling list.

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17, Jan. 2014

We called the number back. We put in our number as do not call but now am worried it's some kind of scam. We held to talk to a person for over 30 minutes and no one ever came on. Thank You for your help.

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19, Oct. 2012

Were told once that this number was on the Do Not Call registry and to never call again. Now call from a different number every day. Never pick up but google the number and always leads back to this group.