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10, Dec. 2018

DEBT COLLECTION RECOVERY FOR OLD MEDICAL BILLS. MAKE SURE THAT YOU RESEARCH YOUR STATES STATUE OF LIMITATIONS WITH REGARD TO OLD MEDICAL BILLS, AND HOW LONG THEY ARE PERMITTED TO TRY TO COLLECT ON THAT DEBT. A statute of limitations sets the time limit for how long a creditor can sue you over a debt. In North Carolina, most consumer debt has a statute of limitations of three years from the date of last activity.

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12, Jan. 2018

The first of my daily annoying calls.

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25, Nov. 2017

This has happened several times.Call today was received at 2:19 pm and Hartwell, GA was displayed on our phone.

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29, Sep. 2017

The recorded message said I had expressed interest in a security system, which is false.

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16, May. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't recognize. Heck I rarely answer when it's someone I do know! I searched for this number online and I'm pretty sure that it's a collection agency called Amscot Financial. Someone else getting these calls apart from me?

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25, Mar. 2017

These people call multiple times a day, never leave messages.

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27, Sep. 2016

caller id showed call came from Las Vegas,NV.

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19, Sep. 2016

Press 1 to speak to a representative or 5 to be placed on their do not call list.

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25, Jul. 2016

I answered, no response then they hung up, I called back, there was a message that it was disconnected.

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20, Jul. 2016

Calls at all times of the day and night, extremely rude and unfriendly. I don't even know how they had my number.

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7, Jul. 2015

There were approximately 20 numbers used to call me.

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7, Jul. 2015

There is no cost for the system or the installation whatsoever.

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2, Jun. 2015

they have called about 9 or 10 times so far. they say they have info in area of college, since i don't know who they are and I have no in info about them -i just hang up.....sound like scammers Beware of someone calling from this number

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22, Dec. 2014

Did not leave a message. Caller ID: COLLECT BILL.

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15, Jun. 2013

This is unsolicited call. I have asked them three times to remove me from their call list, but the operator quickly ends the call when I make the request.

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15, Jun. 2013

they were looking for somebody but have called multiple times and they will not stop!

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24, May. 2013

This number has called several times after being repeatedly told not to call again. I was called twice today. I told them not to call again.

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3, May. 2013

This number calls does not leave message nor am I able to return the call because they do not answer.

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8, Apr. 2013

They are trying to get homeowners and property owners to do something., its a recording and they ahve spammed my cell

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26, Nov. 2012

These people are a scam!!! Claim that there is a problem with your computer only they can fix. They are attempting to get your info.

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20, Aug. 2012

Received 2 calls from 2 different phone numbers within a minute of each other, and both had the same recorded message offering lower credit card rates. Only problem is that each time the answering machine kicked in, the automated system was already in the middle of delivering the messages so I don't know if they were intended for me, my husband or the previous owner of our phone number. (2nd call came from 208-338-3275)

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22, Mar. 2012

This guy uses a variety of services that he can perform, such has massages, different types of body therapy, he list that he is a female and male. I have done research and he has clients send money to western union w/contract and takes money w/out honoring contract agreements. I have been scammed $600 from this individual.