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28, Oct. 2018

I received a telephone call from Bankrate around 3 andd it disturbed me. I don't think that I've got a outstanding debt with them. How would I fight this?

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24, Aug. 2018

I sounded like they were trying to sell a security system.

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7, Jan. 2016

Ask them to take me off of their calling list and they just hang up.

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7, Dec. 2015

have even turned it off, however we miss important calls by doing this we just want calls to stop, we have a cell phone they just started to call, 6187716469

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4, Mar. 2015

Same as the last comment

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18, Sep. 2014

Please stop these phone calls. This is the (2) second complaint filed regarding this phone number.

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17, Aug. 2012

There was no one on the line when we answered.

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6, Jul. 2012

We have received several call from verious collection companies looking for the same person. Can you do something about this or are you one of the goverment agancies we should cut to help the budget?

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8, Jun. 2012

I have call this number back everytime they have called and requested that they do not call here again through the prompt of the recorded message.