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7, Jun. 2018

Looked up Infosis and found it is an India company with offices around the world.

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18, Apr. 2017

They call every other day trying to sell me a tv package that I already have.

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14, Nov. 2016

This call started with (212) 677.

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25, Oct. 2016

It was of course a robocall so who knows what good I have done.

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29, Sep. 2016

If you call them back they state the company name in a recording but no one answers the phone.

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1, Aug. 2016

They call form different number and they call 4,and 5 time a day someday

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16, Mar. 2016

I have submitted this number before and they have begun called our number again.

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2, Sep. 2012

There was no one on the other line to tell not to call again!

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30, Aug. 2012

They call EVERYDAY!!!! Trying to get my personal. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!! STOP THE CALLS!!!!!!!

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27, May. 2012

Your entry last month has WON! Goto http:/ and enter your Winning code: "1122" to claim your free $1000 Best Buy Giftcard! Never entered anything - never heard if this before recieving this message today. Clearly a scam!

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11, Feb. 2012

Number called a friend of mine stating that "Sharon Overton" was the person talking and representing herself as a DCF worker and trying to extract information about a child.