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  • Regional statistics: Cocoa Beach, Florida has a population of 12336 that is in a county of 198195 units. The city is in a county that is 1018 square miles. 321-323 is available through the regional telephone switch # ORLDFLMAXCY in the Cocoa Beach area.
  • Other cities located around Cocoa Beach: Apopka (321-322) Orlando (321-319) Geneva (321-325) Melbourne (321-327)
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30, Nov. 2018

when connected to person I ask for company name, they hung up.

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30, Nov. 2018

He didn't say a word and simply hung up on me.

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20, Sep. 2017

Isn't it funny how most of the calls are from voip which is further more scams so people need to understand it's always scammers who calls from voip so they want have a trail to a home. Come on people these thieves are not stupid they just stupid in being miserable low life bottom feeders and sewer rats that hate to work. That's all but call blockers stop the idiots in their tracks I know they hate it because they just continue to get more numbers and it always gets blocked. Call blockers folks and your done with the problem. Man Iove getting my laugh when these calls are blocked every day!! Thanks for making me laugh as laughing keeps and makes you happy and healthy. You all are making me happy and healthy thanks you idiots!! LOL!!! haa haa haaa!! ROFL!! At these idiots!!

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12, May. 2017

Not the first time they have called. Not the only phone number calling with the same "credit card" message. They have been told to remove my number.

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13, Sep. 2016

They are calling me for about 4 days many many times diferents ours and they don't leave any message to my home phone number

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29, Dec. 2015

Recording Plays, Person Called Me 5 Times Within A 30Min Period Man With Heavy Accent Spoke One Time Asking For edna

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27, Jun. 2015

Received recorded message about lowering our credit card debt.

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10, Jul. 2013

this was a spam text message.

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1, Jul. 2013

I don't answer, they don't leave a message.

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12, Jan. 2013

they are calling me. i have never had any contact or done any business with these companies. they call several times a day every day also and use blocked numbers on most calls.

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7, Jan. 2013

They keep calling me asking for a Matthew. I've had my number for 6 years and they have recently started now saying they have a package for him... As if that's going to change my answer. I wish they would stop calling me.