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26, Mar. 2019

I have reported this company before but they are using a different number now

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23, Mar. 2019

I did not get a chance to tell them I am on the do not call list.

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7, Aug. 2018

His telephone number is 876 873 7473 or possibly 909 666 4678.

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10, Jul. 2018

Co has called several times over two months,I pressed the opt out number but they still call

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30, Jan. 2018

About every other day or so.

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13, Dec. 2014

They have changed their number. Got a call this morning from 754-999-1665. Immediately sent it to voicemail. Didn't find the name but found the tittle and name. I dont share my personal info with anyone so how would the treasury dept get it? Hmm

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20, Jul. 2013

This number called my home phone and then my cell phone within 5 minutes. the number came up anonymous on my caller id.

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9, Feb. 2013

They asked me for personal information. I asked what this is in regards to and they insisted on get my personal info again and I refused. This seems to be a scam.

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23, Jan. 2013

Call just happened. I dont answer numbers that I do not know and they left a message in a recorded voice saying "hi my name is Chris and I have an individual that is very excited to speak with you, wait for it, insert my name- if your name was said please press 1, otherwise press 2 and this call will be disconnected." I did not speak to anyone as it was recorded on my VM.

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26, Dec. 2012

they call my house every week!

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7, Dec. 2012

they call 5 times a day and all you hear clicking, over and over, please make them stop!

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21, Jun. 2012

These people just ignore my request to stop calling me. I've not done business with them ever.

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12, Jun. 2012

When I called the number back there was no ring only recorded message to enter my number on their do not call list. I did that about ten times to no avail. The calls keep coming.