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22, Aug. 2018

They ask for a fax response - but keep calling when asked to drop out number from their list.

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17, Jul. 2018

Want me to follow her instruction to log into computer.

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9, Feb. 2018

when you get a human on the phone and tell them to not call you anymore they immediately hand up on you before you finish.

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27, Dec. 2017

Home remodeling company.

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4, Nov. 2017

Stupid person!! I notify for the police!!

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24, Oct. 2017

Consumer has received a phone call from Winners International and the solicitor has claimed that the consumer has won $2.5 million.

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16, Oct. 2017

called asking me to donate to some women's breast cancer fund. asked me for my card to make a payment on the same day. Don't fall for it.

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12, Oct. 2017

Vacation scam

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11, Oct. 2017

Foreign African accent.

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19, Apr. 2017

This number is calling multiple times a day, several times a week.

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28, Mar. 2017

They just keep calling & it's getting very annoying.

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14, Nov. 2016

This number has called me 5 times in the last 4 days.

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31, Jul. 2016

Had me to believe he was a friend and took money from me

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8, Jan. 2015

Every time they call I answer and then they just sit on the phone and then they hang up they never say anything!

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7, Nov. 2014

I have recieved multiple daily calls from this company for months

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21, Aug. 2013

They call every night. I'm about ready to rip the phone from the wall.

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28, Jul. 2012

They call several times a day. Let answering system answer and they do not talk. I answered once and told them I am on the DO NOT CALL List and to remove me from their list. Is there really a DO NOT CALL LIST?? If so why don't you stop these calls????????????