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20, Sep. 2018

almost want to change our landline.

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25, May. 2018

I have tried to dial the number back but as soon as I enter the area code then dial the first 3 numbers after the area code it goes to a busy signal.

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7, Nov. 2017

The first time they called I told them I was on the no-call list and please do not call again.

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17, Aug. 2016

THey have called several times in the last month but never leave a message and I don't answer unknown numbers.

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6, Aug. 2015

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19, Feb. 2015

These morons from AT&T telemarketing are ruthless. They call 2 to 3 times day! So much for the "Do Not Call List" - another do nothing government agency!

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21, Jun. 2013

Called and left no message. Caller ID says FQS.

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10, Apr. 2013

This phone number has called my cell phone several times. I asked them not to call me and they became quite rude. I was then immediately hung up on. When I call the number back, it wants you to enter your phone number. This number is harassing LOTS of people. PLEASE PUT A STOP TO THIS SCAM. Thank you.

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22, Jan. 2013

They are saying when they call that we requested that they call us. Only my husband and I live at this address, and neither of us requested them to call us. We don't even know who this company is.

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15, Oct. 2012

These callers impersonate someone telling me to call back. I have received MANY calls from this company over the last year. There was an option, when I returned the call to get them to stop, to be removed from this list. I asked to do so but was hung up on. I have also tried blocking these sorts of calls with my cell phone carrier but then these callers use another phone number.