Area Code 320

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Area code: 320
State: Minnesota
Country: USA
16, Nov. 2018

St cloud prison

13, Nov. 2018

Called asking to survey political opinions post election. Asked me about 7 political questions and about candidates I voted for. Strangely knew I was a union member and asked questions about my unions attempts to secure my support for a candidate. The caller was not automated and could not tell me how they got my name or number. In my opinion, and nothing more, I felt like this was a Democrat agency attempting to figure out how successful the union push was for democrat candidates. They didn’t ask my why I voted just for whom.

9, Nov. 2018

This number incessantly phones and will not leave a voicemail. They will phone right back if I will not answer. Maddening.

8, Nov. 2018

I receive at least many cell calls from this phone and I can't stand it. It is frustrating. I 'm putting this phone number everywhere I can.

8, Nov. 2018

I do not owe Cardinal Adjusting Service anything although I do have a bankcard from this bank. Why do you think they're calling me? There is no reason for them to call.

7, Nov. 2018

Capital One calls from this number - at least that's what I think.

5, Nov. 2018

Got a telephone call from this telephone number, and It makes me angry. She asked me to talk to Mr.X I said I wasn't sure. The person said they would telephone later. Would not say who they were or even what business they were calling from. Worried me.

5, Nov. 2018

I receive nonstop phone calls from this collection agency. I'm terrified by those people's calls. When I call back, the collection agency threatens me.

3, Nov. 2018


3, Nov. 2018

# called. Seemed like nobody was on the line. I heard only silence on the telephone for about 20 secondss, then just a hang up. I believe the call was apparently from Bonded Collections.

30, Oct. 2018

If someone phones and tells you they are phoning from a bill collection agency and says you are being sued, don't fall for it. They said that I could suffer if I did not return the call. I looked up their telephone number on the internet and discovered that the business attempts to scare people into sending money. Don't allow them to intimidate you. The company will tell you anything to convince you to make a payment. Good luck!

26, Oct. 2018

They called and didn't leave a voicemail. Probably a spammer.

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