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5, Apr. 2019

I keep telling them that I'm not interested and to stop calling me but they will not stop calling.

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12, Oct. 2018

After googling their number I see this is a SCAM and many people are repotting them.

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5, Jun. 2018

I have been getting a lot more calls than usual, like my number has been taken off the registry.

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11, May. 2017

I will report each call from Portfolio Recovery Associates and I will pursue all legal remedies.

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22, Aug. 2016

called and left no message/ scam caller per search

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20, Sep. 2014

The number calling is from Va. and wireless the best I have determined. May be a telemarketer.

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24, Apr. 2014

this is a company that called several times!

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8, Oct. 2012

They call daily, when I answer there is silence.