Area Code 318

Additional information:

Area code: 318
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
2, Sep. 2020

they call repeatedly, cannot understand called, have told them to not call again received 10 calls in the month of October

2, Aug. 2020

Their recorded message does not allow for voice contact or anyway of telling them they have wrong number.

2, Aug. 2020

I also reported the first call.

8, May. 2020

I just tried texting this number,I'll either make another post or update this one to see how it goes.

31, Mar. 2020

i have left a message to NOT call me again but they still call.

31, Mar. 2020

This is a computer-generated call who repeatedly calls my home.

27, Mar. 2020

Scam! Claimed I was not current on my sex offender registration and I needed to bring pre-paid gift cards to the courthouse.

23, Mar. 2020

Called 9/29 10/13 thru 10/17 and 10/26 thru10/31.

21, Mar. 2020

They started at 9:20 PM, ( 16 Calls ) and ended at 9:45 PM.

19, Mar. 2020

they say they have been trying to get a hold of me to try to install a security system because I am senior citizen.

14, Mar. 2020

Called at 10:21 asked them not to call us again.

13, Mar. 2020

Car warranty have called 5 times a day finally answered told me calling about car warranty......really told her I was quanrantin due to coronaviruis !!!! Silence I hung up

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