Area Code 318

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Area code: 318
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
21, Nov. 2018

Seems to be the oppsite.

19, Nov. 2018

They called a few times, when I finally answered they asked for my wife by name.

15, Nov. 2018

Our mobile number is on the federal do-not-call registry. They rang a dozen times. This has gotta stop.

15, Nov. 2018

The agent who keeps on calling was uncivil and at the time the mobile calls come the person inquires regarding information. As soon as We ask for the reason the caller vehemently refuses to give the reason behind the call. The representative responds whenever I give the particulars they will disclose the reason for the incoming calls. Well the caller is asking for unwanted information and they should be tracked and I will not give up until I sort the repetitive calls.

15, Nov. 2018

However, our land number keeps getting a number of telephone calls from a man asking us to transfer the phone call to our Support division. The calls continue andd I have no choice other than to answer the calls and take up with the caller’s company why they keep telephoning and the reason why they don’t quit calling. Idiots!

15, Nov. 2018

My whole body is trembling and how I am going to go through this play is a nightmare. We need to pay the funds to the hospital by 10th of this month. I am uncertain what I am going to do. So many phone calls within a month and the last phone call came about 10 seconds ago. I am feeling awful when I think of the operation. I am not certain how I can go and sit near the piano feeling like this. I want to run away from the backstage I really don’t want to bother

14, Nov. 2018

I keep getting telephone calls from this number. I try to call back but a operator says that the phone number has been out of service.

14, Nov. 2018

A female called me the other day. She said the call about something legal. I said to her to mail it. A man called this morning and told me that he wanted to talk about a lawsuit. How do I end fhe telephone calls?

12, Nov. 2018

Someone from this number keep calling my phone and hang up I need to know the number and the owner's name of that number

10, Nov. 2018

If a woman calls and tells you they are calling from a attorney's office and says you will be sued, don't fall for it. The first time, I was frightned. I researched their telephone number online and discovered that Career Advising Center tries to frighten people into making a payment. Don't allow the business to threaten you. They will tell you anything and everything to get you to pay. God help you!

8, Nov. 2018

I have been engaged to this crazy man for the past 7 months when I finally realized what sort of a dumb fool the guy is. Recently, things changed as the guy started calling me thrice a day with threats and when I do not consent he ends up harassing me. I am feeling depressed. I wish I had never talked to the fool.

7, Nov. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

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