Area Code 317

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Area code: 317
State: Indiana
Country: USA
Registered phone
14, Dec. 2018

Filthy terrorist on phishing trip. Block this piece of crap.

Do Not Call Number
14, Dec. 2018

Fake charity.. Do not answer. Block these low lifes

12, Dec. 2018

Not only do they call my number they are now calling my daughter's phone number associated with my account asking for me .this is annoying I have them on a block call on my phone, but now they found their way to my daughter's phone. these people need to be stopped!!!!I don't know why our government has this a nationwide no call list yet these scammers seem to find a loophole it's bogus

Well what do ya know
11, Dec. 2018

Low wage green card holder wants your sensitive data. Don't let the terrorists win! Block this number.

10, Dec. 2018

i answered phone and no one was there

6, Dec. 2018

Whenever I give the telephone to the person involved the caller mentions it is not the person she is inquiring about and ends the call. No one really knows why the mobile calls are taking place and it still remains a question. I searched tje cellular number and to my wonder realized the cellular calls keep coming from an identical number. When I press the relevant number to lodge a complaint it says out of service. I am thinking of the savings which I might have to waste on this inquiry. This is something I need to do to but I would have rather loved to spend these bucks for an orphanage rather than spending on these issues.

5, Dec. 2018

I was reading the Monday newspaper when I observed the article on the 1st page. Well I am very relieved that a few other individuals are also getitng similar telephone calls. I was rather anxious that the legal counsel will never believe me about the time wasting phone calls coming at 4.00 am and no one ever speaking up. Well now I have proof that the phone calls do not happen only to my family. I will somehow try to influence the FCC as this is the best opportunity to finally discontinue the phone calls.

5, Dec. 2018

This frigging number phones daily. It's driving me insane. I started to report this but nobody appears to care.

4, Dec. 2018

This is an Indian job recruiter in Indiana calling me about out-of-state jobs that don't match my skills and for which I can't relocate. I'm not sure why they can't take "no" for answer. I'm frustrated by their continued calls so I'm reporting them as telemarketers or a possible scam. BC Forward 9777 North College Avenue Indianapolis, IN, 46280

4, Dec. 2018

They ask for my address, for they can send me documents t 8i verify who I was.

4, Dec. 2018

Called about something and said they will be issuing a warrant for my arrest

3, Dec. 2018

Just got a voice message from 317-234-7877 to hit # and 0 to report a fraud alert to our IT department. I am our IT department and that would do nothing of the sort.

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