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28, Sep. 2017

will not leave a message, hangs up when I answer, stopped answering

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26, Sep. 2017

a woman's voice - leaving threating msgs. - this should be reported to crime lab

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16, May. 2017

I think it's University of Phoenix calling. I didn't pick up, think it's the collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I never answer.

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5, Oct. 2015

did not answer, could not get to phone in time.

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24, Jun. 2013

We have received several call from verious collection companies looking for the same person. Can you do something about this or are you one of the goverment agancies we should cut to help the budget?

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22, Dec. 2012

they call my house about 3 times a week!

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11, Aug. 2012

received a text message saying my Southwest National Bank card has been deactivated and to call this number. The text msg came from a (917) area code.