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10, Apr. 2019

I have never called or answered these calls, but they continue calling and leaving inappropriate messages.

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6, Jul. 2018

I keep getting these calls from Medical Reimbursement Companies and I suspect fraud

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15, Apr. 2016

He has been advise twice now to stop calling.

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11, Jan. 2014

These people have called repeatedly. There were informed a complaint was being filed with the FTC.

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30, Dec. 2013

This number called me last night.

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26, Dec. 2013

We have received no less than 50 calls from this company in the past month. We have asked them to stop calling every time, but the call frequency has only increased. The callers have been rude and nasty and sometimes merely hang up after we ask them to stop calling. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!

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30, Aug. 2013

This person called me and told me he wanted to watch me eat popcorn. Then he breathed heavily into the phone and f@rted. WTF MAN WTF!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

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7, Nov. 2012

They call me from various numbers every day. I have left my number to be taken off their list and contacted a live person for the same to no avail.