Area Code 315

Additional information:

Area code: 315
State: New York
Country: USA
24, May. 2019

came in on landline … recoreded re ss#...scammy ---left NY (?) number

24, May. 2019

An attempt at a call back produced this-phone number temporarily disconnected.

24, May. 2019

They called me to tell me that I got $10, 000 from a government grant. It wasn't true. They took me for $700 in fees for them to deliver me the 10,000 in shipping fees. Bastards! I was stupid enough to believe them.

22, May. 2019

Supposedly they took us off their list the first time.

22, May. 2019

When I told him my number was on the do not call list he hot belligerent with me.

21, May. 2019

Please help me stop these calls.

21, May. 2019

They said I needed to call them to get more info on the case.

20, May. 2019

Robo-call advertising loan services. Pressed "1" to speak to a human. Asked human to remove my number from their calling list as this was an unsolicited call to a number on the DNC list.

18, May. 2019

These idiots call 6 times a day! Most are vulgar and tell me to stand on a street corner to pay this debt which I dont even owe. I have repeatedly told them send an itemized invoice and to stop calling. Nothing yet!.

Carol jewel
17, May. 2019

Us treasury mr jack freeman ask me to buy Walmart google play card to get my supposive grant of 10200 thru western union but this scam is nationwide and us treasury needs to shut him down now. Preying on people w legitimate needs is despicable!

16, May. 2019

Social Security scam

15, May. 2019

Using different numbers where they cannot be called-back or calling anonymously.

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