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4, Oct. 2018

Two calls in one day.

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1, Sep. 2018

My sister was trying to answer a mobile call ajd talking hurriedly as she was getting exasperated with the person who was telephoning. The moment she finished the call the cell phone rang again. She loked very uncomfortable and I knew what was going through her mind at tath moment. Good luck to her!

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17, May. 2018

When asked questions about the company they terminate the call.

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4, May. 2018

There is a new National Senior Assistance Program to receive $3,000 in free groceries savings certificates.

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17, Mar. 2018

It’s Freedom Mortgage

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6, Dec. 2017

Number cannot be called back.

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9, Oct. 2017

Call listed as coming from New York using a male voice

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15, May. 2017

Received a phone call from this strange number . I looked it up and it looks like its the bill collectors called Everest Receivable Services, Inc.. No clue why they're bugging me. Can someone confirm that it's really them?

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15, May. 2017

I think it's ERC calling. I didn't answer, think it's bill collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I never pick up.

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15, May. 2017

Received a call from this weird number . I looked it up and I think its the collectors called First Choice Assets. No idea why they're bugging me. Can someone confirm if its them?

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15, May. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't know. Hell I barely answer when it's a friend calling! I searched for this number online and I'm pretty sure that it's a collection agency called National Credit Adjusters. Are they calling anyone else?

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13, Oct. 2016

As a business, we do not have a credit card.

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22, Sep. 2016

They continue to call, sometimes after 9:00 PM

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20, Jan. 2016

This was the first call I received from this vendor at this number (which is a cell phone).

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17, May. 2014

When I informed the individual that the number was registered on the Do Not Call list, he hung up immediately.

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3, May. 2014

This was a call I did not ask for. It was a recorded call, with only the option to press one to find out further details. There was no chance to talk to a live person, and the automated system did not have an option for having our number removed from the system. We have received the same call several times over the last few months.

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17, Oct. 2013

This is the third call within 8 days. Numerous calls prior to this and will not speak to a person if called back and asked to stop.

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3, May. 2013

This is wrong on so many levels! I've asked these assholes to stop repeatedly and yet they continue to annoy me, so say nothing of the fact that I pay for this incoming crap on my cell phone.

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14, Nov. 2012

random call, no name, annoyed!

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4, Sep. 2012

I have call this number back everytime they have called and requested that they do not call here again through the prompt of the recorded message.