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17, Apr. 2019

Tried calling number to identify company and very vague who they are.

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25, Sep. 2018

Call, which was a recording, indicated the needed to verify a shipping address for a medical alert that had been approved at no cost.

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6, Jul. 2018

Said they were the IRS, there is a lawsuit against me and gave another number to call......SCAM

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5, May. 2018

What will it take to get these telemarketers to stop calling my cell.

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29, Dec. 2017

Within 20 he called again.

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26, Nov. 2017

They call constantly telling me that I need to renew a magazine subion I never subscribed to - they are very rude!

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30, May. 2017

I said your not to call me they repeated again.

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6, Oct. 2016

a personal finance corp 6467842566.

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29, Jan. 2016

I have no business relationship with this company.

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23, Nov. 2015

This number has called me and I don't appreciate it calling and not leaving a message on my phone. I'm working all the time, so please don't be calling me any more

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19, Sep. 2014

Says I bought an emergency service and scheduling install. Called many times.

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26, Aug. 2014

I get a call from these people almost every single day for months now. They never stop.

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28, May. 2014

this was a text message asking me to approve of their calls.